The Digital Classroom

I chose to focus my Assignment 2 on Digital Media in Education.   I am lucky that my mum Leeanne King, pictured in the interview has had a lot of experience in teaching, but also in the implementation of new technologies into curriculum. I wanted to capture the experience of someone working within the industry- the interview was initially 7 minutes long so I unfortunately had to cut a huge amount of it, but I think it still adds value to the video and breaks up scenes.

It initially took me some time to find appropriate scholarly sources that I could recall upon in my video. I was hoping to find material that spoke more about digital media in the classroom from a teacher’s perspective- highlighting the negative aspects- but this was quite difficult. Most publications seemed to only focus on the benefits, and how they assist learning rather than what this means for our teachers.

I initially wanted to interview a student, but despite obtaining verbal permission they were unavailable last minute. In hindsight, although their contribution could have been valuable, I ended up having an extra 7 minutes of content that I needed to cut already.

I made a decision to be quite visible on camera- I have studied presenting and am currently undertaking Journalism units also, so wanted to demonstrate what I have learnt and potentially create something that could be viewed by future employers.

I decided to use the same song that I used for my earlier podcast assignment. I thought this could be good to group them as a series by using the same track. In terms of imagry, all images were sourced using creative commons, with the exception of screenshots from my social media and the Office of the eSafety Commissioner website.

I used Adobe’s Premiere Pro to edit my video. I have used this previously but I STILL find it quite time consuming and often confusing, however I wanted to persist with it as I view it as a great skill to have.

An issue I encounted was organising a time to film. Having access to the primary school through my mum was a wonderful help but I had to plan a time to film around certain hours and when students weren’t present. On filming day, half way through the interview my memory card was full; and despite the fact that I thought I was prepared for everything- I didn’t bring an additional card. This meant that I couldn’t film as much B-roll as I wanted and would have to re-film the interview in it’s entirety in another location- since there wasn’t any more time available to go back to the school.  Frustrating!

I think it helped that I had previously written a script. I roughly memorized the lines for the walking shots and used an auto cue app on my iPad for any of the seated chat to camera scenes. I would have liked to not have to rely on the auto cue, but I found everything was just too wordy to fully memorise. I wouldn’t have done the topic justice had I of improvised, and i didn’t want to make any mistakes, especially when dealing with scholarly material.

I also used my iPhone to record secondary audio and voice-over- this helped when layering b-roll and when the sound from the video camera wasn’t sufficient.

In hindsight I think I could have made my over-all topic more specific, but was initially held back because I couldn’t find scholarly sources that resonated with me. Had I allowed more time for research- a more concise topic would have been possible.

Word Count: 602


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‘The Economist asks: Is ed tech transforming education?’ 2016, The Economist,
4 February,

Office of the Childrens eSafety Commissioner, ‘Young and Social Online‘, Australian Government, retrieved 24 May 2017,

Images and Audio:

Classroom  by PAL LTER (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Textbooks by Scott Barkley (CC BY 2.0)

Distracted child studying by amenclinicsphotos ac (CC BY-SA 2.0)

MSP Social Media Team by MSP Social Media Team Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Collaboration by Media Mike Hazard  (CC BY 2.0)

Staples1 by Virginia Department of Education  (CC BY 2.0)

Student iPad 014 by Brad Flickinger  (CC BY 2.0)

eSafety Commissioner 2016, Young and Social online, infographic p3 & 14, Australian Government, retrieved 24 May 2017,

eSafety Commissioner 2017, Education Resources, website screenshot, Australian Government, retrieved 24 May 2017,

eSafety Commissioner 2017, Primary Resources, website screenshot, Australian Government, retrieved 24 May 2017,

Music Credit: Argofox – Doctor-vox-level-up (Argofox – Doctor-vox-level-up) (CC BY 3.0)

My broader ALC708 unit related activity:

My contribution to the unit online activity kind of fell off the wagon for the second half of the trimester.  My beloved laptop died and I didn’t invest enough time using another technology source.  I think because part of my day to day job involves so much time interacting online (in quite a different capacity), I often need time out for my sanity. I understand how important it is to be visible online and I think this is something I need to push myself to do if I want to have a successful career in digital media in the future.

Word Count: 100 words


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